Be Spontaneous, See What’s Around the Corner

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I have to admit that back in my freshman year of high school English was one of my least favorite classes. This was mainly because of my teacher. Have you ever had one of those teachers that just gave you the impression that they did not like you? Like no answer you gave when you were called on was good enough or no paper you turned in was done well enough? Well that is exactly the feeling I got from my teacher Mrs. Roll. She was a tough teacher and as much as I did not enjoy class back then I did learn one really good life lesson from her, and that was to never lose your childlike curiosity in life. She always talked about the importance of learning something new and of exploring life. She used to use the analogy of being like a little child. When you were little and you went someplace new with your parents you were usually told to stay right with mom and dad. But as a child you didn’t want to do that, you wanted to go explore, you wanted to run around and peek around the corner to see what was there, you wanted to see everything. That is what Mrs. Roll told us that we need to continue to do in life, to never lose that curiosity and to make sure we keep peeking around the corners to see whats there.

Mrs. Roll was a tough teacher and because of that I learned a lot that year but the biggest thing I took away from that class was to continue to be spontaneous and to keep looking around those corners to see whats there. I am a teacher myself now and its summer which means I get a chance to rest and recharge and nothing helps me do that better than getting out there and taking photos. Over the summer I have a rule that I take my camera everywhere I go. The days are longer, the weather is nicer and there seems to be more opportunities to take a picture and I don’t want to miss out on that by not having a camera with me. The other day I had to run a few errands so I grabbed my camera bag and took off towards the store. It was a beautiful day outside and I decided that even though I have lived in my current city a few years now, I hadn’t really taken the time to go explore it yet. taking the advice of my old teacher, I set off to find a new rout to the store and to see what I can find.

Driving along I came across a river not more than a few miles from my house. I thought it looked interesting and might make for some nice shots so I searched for a place to pull over but there was no shoulder on the road. Luckily there was a little driveway maybe a half mile from the river that I found, I figured I could park there and walk back to grab some shots. When I turned down the driveway I noticed it went down quite a bit, so feeling adventurous I continued to drive down. I soon discovered that it lead to an entrance of a park I had never seen before, and better yet it had trails that lead back to the river! I spent over an hour in the park walking around and taking photos of the river, the trails, the farmland it backed up against and a beautiful barn I came across. Check out a few of my shots above.

Had I not decided to be spontaneous and take a new rout to the store that day I would have missed this place. Had I not taken the advice my teacher gave me and not gone down along that driveway to see what was around the corner I would have never discovered this park. So my advice is to take time to be spontaneous in life. Take the long way to work, look for a new shortcut, go down the paths you normally wouldn’t, you never know what you may see. Continue to peek around corners to see if you can find something new and interesting. It is always fun to discover something new.