Your Inspirational Place

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I was recently going through my files looking for an image when I came across my photo from New Orleans that I took earlier in the year. Anyone who knows me knows New Orleans is my favorite place in the world. I try to visit as much as I can and my wife and I are working on trying to move down there in the next few years. Why do I love it so much? Its not the food, jazz, or the weather, although I do really enjoy all of those things. I love it down there because for me, it is the most inspirational place I have ever been to. Maybe it is because there are some many artist down there, freely creating for the world to see. You can’t walk down the street without coming across local artist galleries, musicians playing any genre of music on the corner, or restaurants and cafes with the most amazing smells floating out of their doors, everywhere you turn your sense take in creativity. Every time I am down there I feel myself change, I become more creative and ideas seem to come more naturally. It was the first place I had been where I found myself walking around for hours with my camera for entire days at a time, only stopping when there was no longer enough light to snap a shot. If you haven’t been, I couldn’t suggest a better place. Below are some of the photos I took the last time I was there (click on the image to enlarge).

Coming across those photos today took me back there and I could feel all those feelings again fill up inside me. I always wondered why certain places have that effect on people. We all have places like this, places where we feel the most inspired. Some of use find that place at home, other find it some place not as close. Why is it that someplace can evoke these feelings while other can not. Is it the atmosphere, the visuals, the smells, the memories we tie to places? I don’t know, it’s probably a combination of all of those plus other things. Whatever the reason, if you know what your place is for you, you should try to visit there as often as you are able. Being in your inspirational place can help you relax, destress, become more creative, it can put you in a different frame of mind and help you think outside the box, it can help you solve problems, and it can look at life in a more positive way. What is you place? Why is it special to you?