Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip

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Shooting from the hip is a fun photography project you can try next time you are out and about among a crowd. Like the name suggest you simply keep you camera down at your side against you hip  and take photos of different people as they pass you by. The fun in this project lies in its unpredictability, because you aren’t looking through your viewfinder to frame your shots you never quite know how they will turn out, what gets captured is always a surprise. The focus, angel, depth of field, and lighting will be totally unpredictable.This project is also perfect for those who are uncomfortable taking photos of strangers while in public. Because your camera is at your side people are completely unaware that you are taking their photo, this causes for some great candid shots.  Here are a few shots I took this weekend when I went down to Chicago:

If you want to try this out for yourself here are a few tips:

  • Use a digital camera and take lots of photos, most of the photos you take will not turn out, you will have to take a ton to get a few good ones.
  • Set your camera to shutter priority mode and set your shutter speed to the fastest that the light will allow, this will help reduce any blur created by movement.
  • Try to stand still when you are taking the photos, pretend that you are looking for something in your pocket or answering your phone.
  • Turn your camera off burst mode, maybe its just me but I have not had good results with this turned on.
  • Turn your flash off, obviously this will give away the fact that you are taking photos.

Give it a shot and see what you can capture.


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