The Best Photography Advice I Ever Received

The Best Photography Advice I Ever Received

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The best photography advice I ever received was put to me very simply, “If you want to become a better photographer, make the type of photographs you are interested in, the type you want to look at.” I may be paraphrasing a little but that was the was the advice recieved back in art school and it may seem overly simplistic but it is true. Today more than ever I think artists, especially younger artists, need to understand that the only way to really grow is to make the type of art you yourself are interested in. While it is always fun to post something you created online and to count how many “likes” it gets this can be a little dangerous. You have to be careful that you are not allowing to let what other people “like” online determine what you create. Making only the type of art that you think will get a popular response in social media is not being true to yourself, and you will never grow as an artist if “likes” are all you are concerned with.

When you post something online it should be for no other reason than to just share it with the world, I mean after thats why artists make things right?. Make the type of art you are interested in, post it and then forget about it. Stop hitting the refresh button ever 30 seconds and stop looking down at your phone for notifications to see how many thumbs ups and comments it has received. Just post it and forget about it, move on to your next project.

Don’t be discouraged if what you create doesn’t get a great response from people online, you are not making it for them, you are making it for yourself and you are just allowing others the opportunity to experience it. If you post something and it doesn’t get a ton of “likes” that doesn’t mean it sucks, in fact it doesn’t mean anything at all. Social Media is not the place you should be looking if you want real feedback on your work. Rarely do other give you actual constructive criticism on your work on those sites, they don’t tell you anything that will help you improve. If you want real feedback on your stuff you need to look elsewhere. Take an art class, hook up with other artists, gather your closest friends and family and as for their honest options, just don’t ask Facebook.


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