Take Better Christmas Photos

Take Better Christmas Photos

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The holidays are just around the corner and like most people I will have my camera out and ready on Christmas to capture all those memories. Holidays are some of the biggest picture taking days of the year but how can you keep your photos looking like the same old shots year after year? I I would put together a few tips to help you take better Christmas photos and hopefully help you get shots that really capture the magic of the holidays.


It’s about more than just the presents.

Think about it, at what point to most people break out their cameras on Christmas? That right, when everyone is sitting down opening presents. While there is nothing wrong with capture these moments its important to remember that this is only a small part of the holiday. In the future when you are looking back at your photos from over the years to reminisce do you only want to remember what gifts you got? Think about all of the moments over the day you want to remember and shoot some of those.

Keep your camera out you and ready.

I am not saying you need to have your camera around your neck or strapped over your shoulder the whole day but it should be readily available. Don’t have it put in its case up in a closet or somewhere where you will forget about it until its too late. Having it out on a table or near by will allow you to be ready whenever a memorable moment presents itself. Nothing hurst more than missing a great shot because your camera wasn’t handy.

Look for candid moments.

Go back and look at your past Christmas photos of your family and friends, what do most of them look like? Everyone has that posed look on their face don’t they? They see you come over with the camera and then they give you that “say cheese” smile so you can take the photo an then can get back to enjoying the party. There is nothing wrong with these photos but they rarely represent the real people you are trying to capture. Instead of asking people to smile for the camera try to take more candid photos of them, you capture real moments and real memories this way. This may take a little practice as most people when they see you with your camera will automatically give you that forced smile. My advice, keep your camera with you all day. At first people will want to pose for you but as the day goes on they will stop caring and will just ignore you and your camera, here is where you will get your best pics.

Look for the symbols of the holiday

While holidays are about getting together with friends and family, sometimes the scenes without people capture the memory of Christmas for us just as strong. Think about what things reminds you of Christmas. Take photos of your tree all lit up, the stockings hung up by the fireplace, the cookies and milk you leave our for Santa, or anything else that symbolizes the holiday for you.

Christmas is more than a day, its a season.

We don’t just celebrate Christmas one day a year, it’s a whole season so don’t forget to capture all of the memorable moments that happen during this time of the year. Make sure you have your camera out while your baking Christmas cookies with your kids. Document your child’s first trip to see Santa. Capture all of the candid moments at your work holiday party. Get some actions shots of the snowball fight you were in. There are 1,000’s of moments worth capturing at this time of year.


There you go. Hopefully this will help you take some memorable photos this holiday season.