Project 365 Ideas

Project 365 Ideas

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The new year is here and I am sure we have all made new resolutions help us make this year the best ever. While I am sure we all have goals that include things like getting into better shape, stressing less, and saving more money, it might be a good idea to add being more creative to your list. One of the ways you can attempt this resolution is by taking on the photography challenge known as Project 365. This is simply means taking a photo a day for an entire year (hence the 365) and because just about everyone has a camera in their phone now-a-days it couldn’t be any easier. If your think you are up for the challenge I thought I would share some project 365 ideas to help get you started.


  1. Take a Self Portrait Everyday – This is one of the easiest because you are the subject. Think of how cool it will be in December to literally see how much you have changed over the past year. Come on, how many of you take selfies just about everyday anyways?
  2. Take a Photo of Your Kids Everyday – If you are a parent you may like the idea of taking a daily photo of your children better. Looking back to see how they have grown over the last 12 month can be way more satisfying, especially if you have young children.
  3. Take a Photo of the Same Subject  – Ok if shooting yourself or your children doesn’t appeal to you choose another subject and capture that everyday. Shoot your spouse, your pet, or any other family member or friend. It may seem receptive at first but after a while you will be forced to get more creative.
  4. Shoot the Same Environment – Similar to shooting the same subject, challenge yourself to shoot the same environment. Find a beautiful landscape and capture it year round in the different light and different seasons. Choose your house and see how many photos you can capture inside the same building all year. Or get really restrictive and shoot inside the same room all year. This may seem like you are putting too many limits on yourself but restraints can lead to you to being more creative. Read my post on the subject here
  5. Document Your Life – Try capturing everything you do in a year. Make sure to spend some time photographing the things you think are kind of boring or just routine. Brushing your teeth, making breakfast, household chores, your commute to work, what you do at work, or any other mundane task that you normally don’t pay that much attention to. The key is to start paying attention to them and trying to photograph them in creative ways. The goal is to look back and see exactly what it is you did over the last year.
  6. Shoot Your Favorite Color – This one is fun. Pick your favorite color and photograph it over the next year. Find interesting objects or science where this color is dominate and capture it. These are fun to look at later especially if you print them all out in a large grid like composition. You can always spice it up and change the color every month, or week if you want. Of course if none of these ideas appeal to you can always..
  7. Shoot Whatever You want – No rules just shoot whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to capture something everyday

If you are thinking about attempting Project 365 here is one tip. Set a daily alarm on your phone for sometime in the evening ( I set mine for 7pm) with a message that says something along the lines of “Have you taken your photo today yet?” We all get busy and sometimes we flat out forget to take a photo during the day. Nothing sucks more than getting 2-3 month into the project only to realize that you forgot to snap a photo yesterday and now you have to start over. Setting a reminder for the end of the day can help you remember.

I hope you give it a shot! Let me know how you are doing. If a photo a day just sounds like too much you can always try Project 30, read more about that here

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