New Noir Photos

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I was able to get out this week (which isn’t easy with a newborn at home) and continue working on my Suburban Noir series. This time I went out to downtown Plainfield, IL. Plainfield isn’t a small town but the downtown area gives it that feel. I admit I don’t visit it much at night and I just assumed that it would be empty when I went around 11:30 p.m. I was  wrong, even on a Wednesday night the bars were still open and there were plenty of people enjoying their drinks in the outside dining areas. I couldn’t get a lot of the shots I wanted to that night due to the amount of people and the cars parked along the street but I did get a few. I like the alley shot above and feel that the shot with the car and barbershop has promise but not satisfied with the editing of it yet. I will make another trip out to Plainfield when I get another opportunity but will try much later in the night. Check back for updates.

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