Suburban Noir – Work in Progress

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Naperville Alley


A month or so ago I created some photo sketches with an old Film Noir theme. I only intended to make one to pass the time one night when I was bored but enjoyed the outcome enough where I made a few more. It got me thinking about doing a full project with a Noir theme. Not living in a big city I came up with the idea of doing a suburban noir project, taking late night photos of suburbs I live around. It is a working progress and above you can see one of my first photos from the series. This image was taken in Naperville, IL around midnight. My goal is to travel to other suburban downtown areas at night and capture photos there as well. It still needs a bit more editing, if you zoom in you can see a “Space for Rent” sign that I need to photoshop out. Check back for updates on the project.

Below are the photo sketches I mentioned above. I call them photo sketched because to me they serve the same purpose as a sketch would to an illustrator. They are quick images that I create sometimes to help me plan out final projects and sometimes I create just for fun. I generally use cut out silhouettes placed in front of found images and the photos are almost always taken with my phone. They are not intended to be final works of art. Click on each image to view full size.