Experimenting with Abstract Photography

Experimenting with Abstract Photography

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I recently started experimenting with abstract photography in my work and have been photographing room corners in black in white. I have become interested in light, shadow, and the gradients of grey and how those become the focus of the photograph more so than the subject of what is shot. I got the idea for this project after being reminded of a photo I saw back in college. In my last year of art school my photography professor was showing us some of his own work and one of the pictures was a color image of a room corner. I remember immediately liking the image without really thinking why but I remember thinking that it was missing something. I got inspired to do my version of the same subject matter but felt it had to be done in black and white and in a square format. Black and white because i believed it would come off stronger if I was looking at shades of grey compared to shades of another color. I don’t know why I felt it had to be shot in a 1:1 square ration but thats just how I always saw it in my head. Below or a few images I shot.I don’t know how far I will take this series but for right now it is a lot of fun to and freeing to work with such simply subject matter.




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