Instagram Photos This Week

Instagram Photos This Week

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Below are the Instagram photos this week that I posted. I recently made it a goal to post one photo to Instagram daily. While I try my best to work on my photography daily I felt this would be a great way to ensure that I am shooting, or sharing something new everyday. This week I was having some fun with some older photos of mine. I was trying something new for a photo sketch by placing tracing paper over my computer monitor and then using my phone to take a photo. While I didn’t get the effect I was originally looking for I did like the soft focus the photos had in the end. I played around with a few more photos and found I was getting a look a little similar to the pictorialists photographs of the early 1900’s. Call it a happy accident but I am happy with the end result. Below are the photos I posted this week, reworked images of Chicago and New Orleans. Hope you enjoy.



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