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I am a product of the the late 80’s/ early 90’s which means I am a huge Nintendo fan. I grew up with the NES and still have my original Legend of Zelda cartridge (the best game ever!). However, despite owning the original Pokemon yellow Gameboy game, I was never a huge fan of the series.

Flash forward 20 years where all of my friends who are now in their early thirties are obsessed with playing Pokémon Go on their phones and I just can’t relate. I have no interest in walking around trying to capture imaginary monsters, but it go me thinking that I wouldn’t mind running into some other Nintendo characters around Chicago.

Imagine strolling through Wicker Park and coming across Link, or watching Mario and his buddies race their karts under the L and around the Loop. I’d just about lose it if I came across Mega Man battling Protoman after coming off my Metra in Union Station. This inspired me to create this small photo series.


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  1. […] Why? Because lets face it, it would be way more fun to run across Mario and his friends racing their karts around the city than a stumbling across a Squirtle ( is that what its called? a Squirtle right?) So I started practicing how to do that and made a little 4 photo series. You can read about that project and see the photos here. […]

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