30 Tips on Photography

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Thought I’d share some of my favorite photography tips and advice I’ve gathered over the years:
1: Going out shooting? Hold off on the coffee and soda, caffeine makes it harder to keep your hands steady.

2: Before pressing the shutter button, exhale and hold your breath. This will reduce camera shake.

3: For posed shots, have people say “cheeks” instead of “cheese” for a more natural looking smile.

4: Think about how you like to carry your camera before you buy a camera strap. If you wear it around you neck, go for a wide strap. If you wrap it around your wrist, go for a skinny strap.

5: Make it a goal to photograph everyone in your family, you won’t regret doing this.

6: Never try to clean a lens by blowing on it, it’s almost impossible to do so without getting any of your spit on it. Just carry a lens cloth with you

7: Spend the $5 for a UV filter, if nothing else, it protects your lens from scratches

8: Natural light always looks better than flash so use it whenever you can.

9: If you have to use a built in flash, try covering it with a sheer tissue or napkin. This will dampen the light and give you better results.

10: Have a creative block and don’t know what to shoot? Take your camera and go for a walk and start shooting the letters of the alphabet where you find them. Before you get halfway through all of them you almost always stumble upon a good idea.

11: If you post your photos, don’t put much stock into negative comments, it really only matters if your happy with your photos.

12: If you post your photos, don’t put much stock into positive comments, it really only matters if your happy with your photos.

13: Print your photos from time to time. It’s so dirt cheap to print 4×6 and 8×10 photos now compared to when I started, there really is no reason not to.

14: Before you snap a photo ask yourself “why am I shooting this?” Try to come up with an answer better than “it looks cool” or “it’s interesting”

15: Stop checking your LCD screen after each shot, this will drastically improve your battery life.

16: Don’t have a tripod? Set your camera up on top of a pillow or balled up jacket, this will cushion the camera and reduce camera blur from long exposure.

17: It’s always a good idea to have a lens hood

18: Don’t have a lens hood? Shade your lens in bright light by cupping your hand above it.

19: Learn to read your camera’s histogram, a properly exposed shot in most cases will have a histogram with a bell curve.

20: When you go shooting, wear the same type of clothes you would wear working around the house, you never know when you’ll need to lay down on the sidewalk or kneel in the mud to get a good shot.

21: If you are shooting in the mid day sun, try shooting in the shade to reduce the high contrast from the sun.

22: If you are taking photos of street performers always make sure to throw a few bucks in their bucket. Wait until after you take the shot though, otherwise they may feel inclined to pose for you, which may not be what you want.

23: No good photo ever came from a selfie stick….just ask someone to take your picture.

24: Looking to buy a new camera? All the major companies these days make amazing cameras, no brand is better than the others so just buy what you like and can afford.

25: There is no need to spend a lot of $ to get into photography. Any camera out there is capable of making great photos if you can learn how to use it.

26: The best photos are made when the weather is the worst so don’t let rain or snow keep you from shooting. ( always be safe though)

27: The shot of railroad tracks and building ledges are not worth the risk, too many photographers have been injured or killed shooting these, the pictures aren’t worth it.

28: Learn to edit your photos, a few simple tricks can really make a photo look better.

29: Find a location or subject you really like and shoot it over and over. Each time you come back to it you will see it in a new way.

30: Dogs will pose wonderfully if you place a treat on top of your camera.

Trash or treasure, happy shooting everyone.

What are some of your favorite tips?

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