Finding Inspiration: No Guilty Pleasures

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“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it…..” – Dave Grohl

I teach 5th grade, thats my day job. 5th grade, the last stop before middle school. Do you want to know what one of the best parts about 5th grade is? It’s that it isnt middle school, it’s not high school. Students are still kids, they still act like kids. They dont concern themselves with what other think about them, they arent trying to be cool yet. They arent trying to impress anyone. kids have no concept of a guilty pleasure, something they should be ashamed of liking. If a kid likes something they like it and they dont care who knows it. but that all changes once we hit adolescence, for most of us anyways. We start becoming aware of other’s opinions of us, and suddenly being accepted becomes more important than being ourselves. If we like something that isnt seen as cool, we try to hide it, we grow up liking things in secret and refer to it as our guilty pleasures.

sadly this continues into adulthood for most of us. we continue to hide the things we like from other. We don’t admit we blast a Lady Ga Ga song in our car on the way to work and we never even tune to that station when friends are in the car with us. We watch tv shows in secret less we be made fun of my coworkers. We pretend to not like junk food so others wont judge us and will see us as health conscience. We dont share our talents with us for fear they will judge us harshly. We keep our poems, or stories, or signing, our dance moves and any one of a hundred different things that make us uniquely us hidden.

But why do we do this? do we really care what others think about us? Should we really care what other think about us. Don’t get me wrong, I want my coworkers respect, but I want their respect because im a good teacher and I work hard at my job, I dont really care if I lose points with them because I watch reruns of Fragile Rock instead of The Walking Dead ( seriously, do you remember Fragile Rock? that show was awesome!).

You shouldn’t be ashamed of the things you enjoy, these are the things that make you, you. We find inspiration in the things we enjoy, these are the things that motivate us, that fuel our creations, that give us joy in our life, the things that we look forward to in our lives. If we shy away from the things we like, if we hide them from others we are closing a door, a door that leads to other inspirations.

Dave Grohl said it best ‘..if you fucking like something, like it..” don’t believe in guilty pleasures, if you like something, like it.  Find others that like it, I guarentee your not alone in this interest. Don’t worry about being cool, that word changes too frequently to ever understand what it means anyways. Don’t worry about what others will think about you. Be a nice person, work hard, be kind, people will respect that, they care less about your interests then you think.

Let yourself be inspired by the things you like. Dig into them, explore them, fall down the rabbit hole and see where it leads. Never refuse to follow the path of an interest you have because it isnt seen as cool. Imagine what that would cost you creatively. What great works are you capable of creating if you would allow yourself?

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