Kindness is Badass

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Kindness is Badass? Yea, yea okay, it is, it is badass, I can agree with that. If you think about it, it’s true. The concept of being “badass” is usually someone who goes against the grain, and is that what being kind now-a-days means?

I’m not saying most people are selfish assholes who only think about themselves, it’s just that most people are too wrapped up in their own worlds to go out of their way to be kind. I’m talking simple things like holding a door open for someone, saying “bless you” when you hear a stranger sneeze, or giving up you seat on the bus or the L to someone. So yea, the people who do these types of things on a regular basis are kinda badass.

I love this sticker I found posted on a junction box right in the heart of Old Town. I see a lot of motivational stickers plasters around the city with saying like “You’re Beautiful” or “Life is Good” but this is the first one that really caught my attention and made me think and go “yea, kindness really is badass”. So kudos to whomever put ¬†up that sticker, I think we can all agree with you.

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