Buckingham Fountain

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I am typing this post one handed on my iPad as I am recovering from shoulder surgery. My left arm is in a sling and my shoulder is under ice and I am not super comfortable so I figured writing a post might help me take my mind off things. I got this shot of the fountain two weeks ago today. I went down to the Loop to walk around and take some photos knowing it would be the last chance I would get for a while with my surgery coming up. It was rainy and foggy that day and I had planned to stay downtown shooting bridges and alleyways and streets. It was perfect weather because the rain kept most people inside. I had no intentions of going over to the fountain but found my way there on accident. After a few hours shooting around the buildings I headed over to the lake thinking I might get a good shot of the fog over the water. Walking through Grant Park I ended up passing right by the Park and noticed how empty it was and how it looked in front of the Chicago Skyline that was now half covered in fog. I instantly forgot about the lake and headed over to the fountain to take the shot. I find over and over again that the shots I never plan on taking end up being some of my favorites.

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