Chicago’s Lyrics Opera House

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Chicago’s Lyric Opera House. If you have been to this building you know it has a long corridor outside that stretches the length of the building with these columns and lights. I was shooting with my film camera as well … Continued

Finding Inspiration: No Guilty Pleasures

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“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it…..” – Dave Grohl I teach 5th grade, thats my day job. 5th grade, the last stop before middle school. Do you want to know what one of … Continued

Junction Box Art

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The sticker art around the city is one of my favorite things to search for when I’m out shooting, junction boxes tend to be one of the best places to find them. I took this shot right behind the Art … Continued

Sears Tower

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Who else still refers to it as the Sears Tower? I just can’t call it Willis Tower, it will never feel right. I spend a lot of time walking around Chicago photographing, but I never spent any time shooting the … Continued

30 Tips on Photography

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Thought I’d share some of my favorite photography tips and advice I’ve gathered over the years: 1: Going out shooting? Hold off on the coffee and soda, caffeine makes it harder to keep your hands steady. 2: Before pressing the … Continued

Be Not Afraid

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“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still” an old Chinese proverb and one of my favorite quotes, one I continually come back to. I always interpreted it to mean that we must stay focused on making … Continued

Star Wars in Chicago

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What started off as just an exercise to learn a few simple Photoshop techniques has turned into a fun little photo project for me. Being more of a traditional photographer I do the vast majority of my editing in Adobe’s Lightroom. I … Continued

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