Adding Color

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During the first part of the pandemic when the quarantine was in effect I wasn’t shooting as much. To keep myself busy I started experimenting in photoshop. I had recently received an Apple Pencil and wanted to see what I could do with it. I thought it would be interesting to see what some of my black and white photos would look like if I added some color to them. I love the looks of rainbow gradients and tried to incorporate them into a few of my photos. It was a fun experiment and one I may go back to from time to time. It’s fun to see how restrictions, like having to be quarantined, cause us to think differently.

Chicago Fall

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Chicago is beautiful during all four seasons, even the brutal winters, but Autumn is my favorite season in the city by far. The weather is cool, perfect hoodie weather, and it is just so much fun to walk around. The countryside is usually associated with the Fall but the same beauty can be found in the city if you look. My suggestion, grab a coffee (pumpkin spiced or not) and take a walk around your favorite neighborhood, get lost wondering, and of course take a camera with you.

Below you can see a few more of my shots taken during the Autumn, All photos were taken in the Wicker Park/ Lincoln Park area, my favorite neighborhoods to stroll around in during this time of year.

Wacker Drive

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Shooting in the South Loop this weekend, I wanted to test out a new toy camera lens I got for my Canon. Unfortunately the plastic lens had a fixed aperture of F8 so with the overcast day there was t enough light to making street photography happen with the lens. This meant I ended up taking all my shots of the day with my iPhone.

I got this shit while crossing upper Wacker. The car came down and then just stopped right on the street. I waited a few minutes for it to leave as I originally wanted the shot with an empty road but the didn’t look like it was going to move anytime soon. I took a few shots with while the car was parked there and think it came out better than it would have without it.