The Big Easy

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Not a great photo by any means but the only I got of this gentleman. I met this gentleman at a small bar in the French Quarter. The bar was pretty empty except for a few bartenders, this man, and maybe another customer or two. Sitting near the man I could overhear one of his conversations with the bartender and learned he was not having a great day so I minded my own business and gave my attention to my beer while I waited for my food.

This gentleman sat back after a while and began talking to me. He was a local and started asking where I was from. One thing about the local of New Orleans, all the ones I’ve come across were as nice as possible, all wanting to talk to you and learn where you were from. I explained I was visiting from Chicago and we bonded a little over the tv show Shameless. We got to talking and I explained I was in the city to take some pictures. He leaned back and started talking to me about art and how New Orleans was made for artists. He asked if if I knew why it was called the Big Easy. I said no and he went on to explain that it’s because all artists, visual artists, musicians, chefs, could come down here and do what they love and make a living at it, not get rich, but they could make ends meet. He said it’s that easy and that’s why it called the Big Easy. I have no idea if that’s true or not but I love the idea behind it.